TAIT communications had it’s beginning in New Zealand when in 1947 Sir Angus Tait started making mobile radios. This was the forerunner to Tait Electronics LTD that was formed in 1969. TAIT over the years since has built an enviable reputation as being a market leader in radio design and quality. TAIT radios are trusted the world over and are widely used privately and in commercial applications. They are an incredibly robust and versatile radio and are often the radio of choice for emergency services in Australia.

UHF CB Radios

TAIT TM8110/15


The TAIT TM8110/15 are a very flexible, reliable and user friendly radio. The TAIT TM8110/15 are greatly robust in construction and are software flexible making them well suited to a number of voice and data applications. The TAIT TM8110/15 is engineered to exceed stringent reliability specifications such as MIL-STD 810 C D E F and IP54. The TAIT TM8110/15 is also available in commercial models.

The TAIT TM8110 is a ten channel unit which comes with a single digit display.

The TAIT TM8115 is a 100 channel unit which comes with a double digit display.


                Easy to read display

                Four programmable function keys

                Heavy Duty microphone and built in loudspeaker

                Data capable supports 1200/2400 baud FFSK as standard

                Internal high speed data modem

                Type 99 (2 tone) decode

                4 RF power levels (UHF CB 5W)

                Full selcall functionality

                DTMF encoder

                Low standby power consumption

                MDC 1200 encode

                Multiple auxiliary ports

                Expansive internal options area

                Direct connect GPS


The TAIT TM8250 is a tough robust high performance mobile radio designed primarily for  fast moving commercial mobile teams who rely on instant voice and data communications.

The TAIT 8250 is available in UHF CB applications, but in this form many of its advanced features are not used.


                LCD screen and 14 characters with 4 lines of alphanumeric text

                User friendly menu structure

                4 programmable function keys

                Optional keypad microphone for enhanced dialing capability

                1500 conventional channels

                Data capable supports 1200/2400 baud FFSK as standard

                Internal high speed modem

                300 scanning/voting groups and 26 channel zones

                Full selcall functionality

                Displays and supports short data messages by CCDI

                Voice inversion scrambling

                MDC 1200 encode (software option)

                Type 99 (2 tone) decode

                Lone worker function for improved worker safety

                Multiple auxiliary ports and expansive internal options area

                Direct connect GPS and GPS display option.

UHF Handheld Radios


The TAIT TP8100 range are a very tough and durable high performance hand held radio primarily designed for commercial applications. Waterproof, dust proof and shock proof beyond IP67 and MIL-STD-810F the TAIT TP8100 is the pinnacle of durability and quality in a hand held land based mobile radio.

All in this range come with 2-shot molded construction, 1880mAh Li Ion battery and on display models 24 character enhanced visibility LCD screen.

The TP8100 range can be programmed as a UHF CB radio, however many of it’s advanced features won’t be used in this application.


                Tough enough for the harshest environments (exceeds IP67 sealing : zero

                ingress at 1m submerged for 30 mins)

                Light and easy to carry

                Top mounted, programmable and easy to find emergency key

                Lone worker capability improves safety

                Up to 350 conventional channels with CTCSS/DCS Selcall, voting/scanning

                Trunked MPT features include multiple call types

                Swipe contacts, battery only, battery on radio charging, desktop fast chargers

                provide efficient battery management.

                Easy to program (dealer only)